OxygenCeuticals Herbal Fluid
OxygenCeuticals Herbal Fluid
OxygenCeuticals Herbal Fluid
OxygenCeuticals Herbal Fluid

Herbal Fluid

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A targeted acne and blemish care serum to clear acne-causing bacteria, oiliness and blackheads while minimizing dryness and irritation

What it does : Prevents pimples and pore congestion. Gently exfoliate dead skin cells. Prevent darkening of blemish areas.

Who it is for : Oily skin, blemish skin, acne skin, skin with enlarged and clogged pores


  • Althaea Rosea Flower Extract
    • Keeps moisturize in the skin and improve moisturizing power
    • Strengthens skin barrier
  • Myrobalan Extract
    • Strong astringent properties
    • Speed up skin healing and help prevent further acne outbreaks
    • Effective anti-oxidant and eliminates harmful free radicals 
  • Silver Magnolia Extract
    • Soothing effects
    • Anti-inflammatory properties
    • Reduce reddening of the skin
    • Prevent the loss of skin elasticity
  • Licorice Extract
    • Relieve skin irritation
    • Control production of sebum
    • Keeps the skin well hydrated by containing lots of Vitamin A, B and C
    • Soothes the skin by flexibly reacting to skin trouble

Size : 50ml

Beauty tips : Complete the acne and blemish skincare with the Oxygen Ceuticals Moisture Aqua Serum and Wintergreen Cream