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The world's first LPE equipment combining LED light therapy with Anion Mist Spraying


Anion from Nature (Waterfall)

AstrodomeFacial provides 1,000 negative ions per cubic millimeter to make optimum environment for anion particle.

  • Purify blood & stimulate metabolism
  • Skin regeneration & strengthen immune system
  • Activate skin cells
  • Enhance skin recovery and stabilize nerves 

LPE Therapy (Light Pulsed Energy)

Using optimum wavelength of three different lights RED/ BLUE/ VIOLET FDA function and safety certified

RED (630nm)

  • Brightening
  • Firming

BLUE (465nm)

  • Relieve skin troubles
  • Acne, Excessive, Sebum

VIOLET (465 & 630nm)

  • Post procedures soothing and calming

NIR (Near Infrared)

  • Deeper penetration up to dermis layer
  • Activate Mitochondria to generate ATP