OxygenCeuticals Oxygen HA Gel
OxygenCeuticals Oxygen HA Gel
OxygenCeuticals Oxygen HA Gel
OxygenCeuticals Oxygen HA Gel

Oxygen HA Gel

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A concentrated 10% low molecule Hyaluronic Acid gel type cream 

It transforms atmospheric vapor into fresh, pure water, pure oxygen providing your skin with a continuous burst of intense hydration that lasts up to 24 hours.


What it does : Perfect for dry skin lacking of moisture. Use to reduce fine lines caused by dehydration. Improves skin texture and brightness with intense moisture and balance.

Who it is for : All skin types especially for dry and aging skin


  • Hyaluronic Acid
    • Protect skin from evaporation
    • Helps remain moist skin
    • Skin protection and antibacterial effect
  • Ceramide 3
    • Enhance the hydration layer in skin
    • Protect skin from external irritation
    • Provides skin enough moisture
  • Adenosine
    • Reduces skin wrinkle by enhancing skin elasticity
    • Vitalize the skin
  • Oligopeptide-1
    • Enhance damaged skin barrier
    • Enhance skin elasticity
    • Helps skin perform vitalized skin

Size : 50ml

Beauty tips
1) Use with ultrasonic device to massage and increase absorption
2) Use as a mask pack for giving skin intense hydration. Best results achieved when combine and use with the Oxygen Ceuticals Cryogel Velvet Mask. Layering with this mask after applying the HA Gel.
3) Avoid using this if you have pustular acne condition