OxygenCeuticals Anti Oxidant Cream
OxygenCeuticals Anti Oxidant Cream
OxygenCeuticals Anti Oxidant Cream
OxygenCeuticals Anti Oxidant Cream

Anti-Oxidant Cream

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An anti-aging daily cream, this facial cream firms the look of the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles while you awake or asleep.

What it does:
Tomato Callus Culture Extracts, a potent antioxidant stimulates collagen production and assists with releasing toxins.
Dryoptens Crassirhizoma Extracts soothes skin and regulates excess sebum production.
Squalene prevents oxidation and keeps skin hydrated.
Adenosine reduces appearance of lines and wrinkles and vitalizes skin textures.

Who it is for: All skin types
For oily skin types : this helps reduce shine
For dry skin types : this hydrates intensively without leaving a heavy feeling


  • Dryopteris Crassirhizoma Extract
    • Manages skin cleanly by caring excess sebum
    • Moisturizing effect by providing tension to pores
    • Helpful at bright skin tone care
  • Adenosine
    • Reduces skin wrinkle by enhancing skin elasticity
    • Vitalize the skin
  • Squalane
    • Remains skin moisture and prevents oxidation
  • Tomato Callus Culture Extract
    • Lycopene ingredients prevent skin blemish
    • Provides vitalizing and elasticity to tired skin
    • Provides enough moisture into skin

Size : 50ml

Beauty tips : Use with Oxygen Ceuticals Skin Barrier Fluid and Moisture Aqua Serum to increase treatment results