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OxygenCeuticals - How To Use

Item 1: Anti Oxidation & Lifting Care

ReGenon Serum & Cream

How To Use

1. For Daily Care

After toner, apply an adequate amount of ReGenon Serum and Cream. If you double or triple layer the cream (according to your skin type), the effect will last even longer.

*We highly recommend applying sunblock during the daytime to protect antioxidants.


2. For Night Care

When using the ReGenon line after exfoliation ​(either with a physical or chemical exfoliator), it facilitates better absorption​ of the active ingredients, resulting in greater antioxidant effect.​


Item 2: Calming & Soothing Care

Ceutisome CC Mask


Couperose Fluid (Best Professional Skincare For Sensitive Skin)
& Cell Couperose Cream

How To Use
Step 1: After toner step, put Ceutisome CC Mask on face and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. 
Step 2: Remove the mask and gently massage the skin until it is fully absorbed.
Step 3: Apply an appropriate amount of Couperose Fluid and gently massage the skin.
Step 4: Apply an appropriate amount of Cell Couperose Cream and massage the skin to help the nutrition better absorb into the skin.


Item 3: Anti Ageing & Nourishing Care

Age Defying Caviar Kit: 
Caviar Protein Fluid + Age Defying Caviar Cream (Best Professional Anti Ageing Skincare)

How To Use:

Step 1: After toner, apply an adequate amount of Caviar Protein Fluid.

Step 2: Gently massage the skin and melt the black particles (caviar extracts) in the formula.

Step 3: Apply an adequate amount of Age Defying Caviar Cream when the skin is still damp.

Step 4: Gently massage the skin until it is fully absorbed.


Item 4: DIY Hydrating Care

 Toning Gel

 Toning Gel + HA Gel

How To Use:
Step 1: Mix the HA Gel together with the Toning Gel in a 1:1 ratio to boost hydrating effectiveness and soothe the skin. 
Step 2: Apply all over the face and massage until it fully absorbs into the skin. 
*Add more Toning Gel to better soothe the skin if you are experiencing sensitivity. 
*It is not necessary to wash off.
*Recommend using this 1 or 2 times a week. 



Item 5: Natural Finish Makeup & Sun Protection

Intensive Blemish Balm (Best Professional Makeup) + TP Sun Cream 

 Intensive Blemish Balm

TP Sun Cream


How To Use:

Step 1: After daily skincare routine, apply an adequate amount of Intensive Blemish Balm to skin.

Step 2: Spread the formula all over the skin by gently massaging the skin.

Step 3: Apply an appropriate amount of TP Sun Cream and gently spread the formula over the face.